Plan But Be Willing to Change and Adapt

plan but be willing to change and adaptOne thing that’s important in our business is to plan. So….how do we plan, but be willing to change and adapt as needed?  I have typically been a “fly by the seat of your pants” type planner. It can be both good and bad. It allows for flexibility and to focus on what’s most important at the moment, but neglects long-term vision and strategy.

I have put intentional time and effort into planning for my business this year and want to share a few of the strategies I have found useful.

2015 – A Fresh Start

2015 A Fresh StartI love new beginnings. I recently got a white board, well I actually made it, and have been using it to help organize my thoughts. I will do a brain dump on my whiteboard and then either take a picture of it to keep it or type the most important information into a file on my computer.

It’s really helps me to get unstuck when I feel overwhelmed about a decision, a project, etc.

However, what I really love about the whiteboard is when I get to erase it and start over fresh again. There’s there’s something about a fresh start but I think we can all appreciate.